Choose The Ideal Dress Based On Body Type

Choose The Ideal Dress Based On Body Type

Choose The Ideal Dress Based On Body Type

The concept of 'the perfect dress' does not exist. All women have different facial features and body types because of which the beautiful dress, which looks good on your best friend, will not necessarily look good on you. However, with a clear idea about how our body looks, you can choose the best option possible and make sure that you look good in the process. Once you have a clear idea of your body type, you will be narrow down your options and choose something that will add to your overall beauty, and will make you look stylish and desirable. Rectangular - this body type includes women who are very lean and so not have a lot of curves. Also, their waist is not very big in size because of which they are considered to possess a rectangular body. Such women can opt for slim fit dresses which can provide a definition to their figure, and make them look very sexy in the process.

It's no secret that menswear-inspired trends have been catching my eye lately. The obsession started with the Blogging Society Challenge (although I suspect its roots may be in my tomboy childhood) and continued from there with tuxedo chic, Balenciaga-inspired looks, and Karl Lagerfeld's personal style as fashion inspiration. I took Nina Garcia's advice from the Little Black Book of Style to heart when she raved that every woman should have a white button-down shirt in their wardrobe, and I have been searching for the perfect one. Now, the above photos from Hint have my attention. I would love to dress like that! I have a sudden desire for a white blazer with dark trim, and I have resolved to some day wear white on white as was done in the first photo. Since my shopping time has currently been sucked up by gift shopping (not that I'm complaining), I decided to satiate my need for menswear-inspired looks with things from my current wardrobe. The only white button-down in my possession was a huge one that used to be my father's. Oh well. I paired it with a black sweater, straight-leg jeans, and black flats to add femininity. I took a cue from the Teen Vogue tuxedo spread and carried a quilted bag. Also, I used a tie belt from a black tunic as a tie. To be honest, the look isn't me. It's a bit boring, no? There's still a bit of menswear in the look, due to the tie and white shirt, but it's definitely more me. I might actually wear this out!

Hollywood offered women a glimpse of glamor, but even the luxurious Hollywood styles had a quieter tone. Gone were the short skirts, long necklaces, and feathers of the 20's. Evening gowns of the Great Depression hugged the hips and widened at the hem, creating an elegant and graceful silhouette. By the end of the 1930's, Adolph Hitler had risen to power in Germany. This worldwide threat, along with the ensuing war had an effect on fashion trends of the 1940's. As nations were invaded, or went off to war, supplies and materials that went into the creation of clothing fell short. When Germany invaded France, Paris lost its influence over the world of fashion. People in the Allied countries saw the fashion designers of Paris as working in cooperation with the Nazis. The governments of both Britain and the United States placed restrictions on the production of clothing as cloth and other items needed for garment manufacture were needed by the military. Due to fabric rationing, dress and skirt hemlines rose. Buttons were used for functional purposes only, and lapels narrowed. Women who had lived through the austerity of the Great Depression made jackets and coats out of old blankets, remade dresses, and generally 'made do' with 'war wise' clothing styles. It was not until after World War II ended that clothing styles became more extravagant. When Christian Dior unveiled his 'New Look' in 1947, people were shocked at the amount of fabric used to create the long, antebellum style skirts and wide brimmed hats.

Preparing early on for spring and summer? It is never too late to be fashion-ready for the next several seasons. Here are some fashion basics that should be in your wardrobe. Go for the classics. A striped shirt should be working it's way right about now into your collection. You can pair it up with almost anything, like blue jeans or skirt. Based on fashion predictions, stripes will be a big hit for 2015. Meanwhile, if you do not have a trench coat, it is about time that you invest in one. Pick up a classic hue like tan for its versatility and can be paired with almost any outfit colour. Go for different dress styles. Having a denim dress in your closet would surely take you to places. You can wear it on a night out with friends by pairing it with your high-heeled shoes. Or if you're going out for a walk on a Saturday morning, wearing it with moto boots would surely earn some head turns.

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